Essential Oils For Energy | How Essential Oils Can Keep You Focused

Essential oils are now one of the energy boosts you may try to keep you up on your desk for the rest of the workday. It’s difficult to keep your energy levels up for the whole day, so it’s time to start trying ways to boost your energy! You’ve heard of essential oils for sleep and anxiety, and now it’s time to know which oils are energy boosting. Different essential oils have their unique benefits, and there are a few oils which may increase your energy throughout the day. Well and Good published an article about the different kinds of essential oils to fill your workspace with.

Which Essential Oils For Energy Should You Try

If you like ?warming? energy (AKA the kind that gets your blood flowing), Galpert suggests trying ginger, cardamom, and nutmeg, which help improve circulation while warming your body.

If being too warm is not your style (nothing like a hot shower to help you fall asleep), you could look to cooling and energizing oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and fennel seed.

And if you want an energy boost that?s more in between the warm and cool varieties, Galper suggests taking a virtual trip to the forest with pine, juniper, or cypress.

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There are so many kinds of essentials that may bring any room to your ideal energizing temperature and help keep you working throughout the day. Some essential oils may energize you by cooling the room while others may warm up the room to prolong your work mode. There’s even a set of essential oils for energy which may suit your taste if you want the temperature just right. These suggestions come from the New York Institute Aromatherapy and penned by the founder herself, Amy Galper?who is a certified Aromatherapist.

Why Should You Try Essential Oils Instead

Why You Should Try Essential Oils Instead | Using Essential Oils For Energy To Help You Get Through A Workday
When you’ve hit that downtime during the day, you’re more than happy to grab another cup of coffee or a quick nap to restart your brain. On the other hand, instead of pumping your blood with caffeine or endangering your job in case your boss catches you asleep, aromatherapy is a healthier and safer option. Having a diffuser in your office may not just fill your office with a soothing fragrance but also keep you going throughout the day.

Bring Your Diffuser to Your Office

Bring Your Diffuser to Your Office | Using Essential Oils For Energy To Help You Get Through A Workday
Getting a proper amount of sleep is an important thing to keep you up through the day, but sometimes your workload can just be too much. Fortunately, you may now boost your energy levels without caffeine and risk having difficulty with sleeping later on. Essential oils are natural and may fill your workspace with a fragrant aroma and an energizing atmosphere. If your desk is in an open space, you should ask your boss and workmates before you bring your diffuser to work.


Watch this video from Andrea Butje to find out how to make an energizing essential oil diffuser blend!

Have you tried using a diffuser in your workplace? Which essential oils for energy was most useful for you? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments below!

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