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Essential Oils To Help With Anxiety

From the everyday pressures of your hectic work life to dealing with more serious life challenges, many of us suffer from some sort of stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Many who deal with issues of anxiety seek an inexpensive and all-natural solution to relieve the symptoms of their suffering. Essential oil usage can be the perfect solution for those who deal with anxiety, whether day-to-day or just once in a while. Knowing which essential oils can offer you the maximum relief from anxiety and the most positive additional benefits will not only help you to increase your mood and minimize (and even eliminate!) symptoms of stress and anxiety, but this can help you to actively combat any creeping anxiety before it even arrives.

Essential Oils For Anxiety

The first essential oil that experts find to benefit those who suffer from the symptoms of anxiety is lavender. The king of all essential oils, lavender contains properties that are both calming and restorative. Lavender oil works to steady the nervous system and helps with inner peace and restlessness. In addition, it is known to be very helpful for those who suffer from insomnia or struggle to sleep. Lavender oil can either be massaged topically into the skin, or a couple drops can be applied to a beverage like water; then all that?s left to do is sit back and enjoy the healing and calming benefits!

Essential Oils To Help With Anxiety

Rose oil is another commonly cited aid for anxiety, stress, and depression. Known to help with panic attacks, grief, and shock, rose oil is most effective when inhaled through scent, or added to a relaxing hot bath. These rose oil techniques are known to greatly decrease the level of stress and anxiety felt by an individual – plus, who doesn?t love an excuse for a good hot bath!

Perhaps less known than the others, vetiver oil is known for its tranquil and grounding energy, most commonly used for people who require stabilization after a trauma. It?s often called ?the tonic of the nervous system,? and like rose oil, it can decrease jitteriness and hypersensitivity that usually follows a panic attack or a case of extreme stress.

Ylang ylang, known for its many positive and mood-lifting benefits, is another essential oil that can be useful for those who frequently deal with symptoms of anxiety. This popular essential oil works to treat anxiety, depression, and stress by bringing cheerfulness, courage, optimism, and soothing feelings to the individual who is enjoying the oil. Users of ylang ylang have also claimed to observe a decrease in agitation, annoyance, and paranoia. Also known to be a moderately strong natural sedative, ylang ylang can help those whose stress or anxiety might keep them awake at night. While beneficial, ylang ylang can be slightly irritating to the skin, so experts advise that those who have particularly sensitive skin should enjoy the benefits of the oil through ingestion or scent.

You?ll probably know it for its presence in a calming herbal tea; chamomile is another essential oil whose peaceful and calming scent will decrease irritability and restore harmony in the lives of those who enjoy it. Chamomile is often called one of the most effective all-natural anti-depressants, and prominent medical studies have shown that the oil also eases the symptoms of severe anxiety. Those with an allergy to ragweed might be more adversely affected by chamomile, but the vast majority of users enjoy its restorative properties without any trouble.

Wondering about the sweet musky smell of the incense that your yoga instructor burns at the end of class? It?s most likely frankincense, which is used in both yoga and aromatherapy to calm the mind and deepen a meditative state. Wanting to even further increase your meditation practice? Mix frankincense with lavender for an aromatic massage and bask in the peacefulness that it brings to your mind!

All of these anxiety-reducing essential oils can be applied either topically or safely ingested so that you can immediately begin to feel their healing benefits and restore peace and balance in your everyday life. It is best to add a couple drops of the oil to a glass of water or in a teaspoon of honey for ingestion purposes; or, if you are using the oil topically, a good massage into the soles of the feet, the temples, or the hand will do the trick. No matter your method of enjoyment, or the level of your anxiety, these essential oils are sure to help you start feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed in no time!

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