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DIY Natural Air Humidifier

Natural Air Humidifier You Need at Home

Whether you’re on the fence about buying a humidifier, still deciding which one best suits the size of your room, or just waiting for your cute portable humidifier to arrive, we could all agree that using one has a lot of health benefits. While you wait, let us suggest a natural air humidifier. Yes, you heard us right, you already have a humidifier in your home. A couple, actually. In this article, we will teach how to humidify a room naturally.

How to Humidify a Room Without a Humidifier

1. Surprise Natural Air Humidifier: Wet Clothes

Surprise Natural Air Humidifier: Wet Clothes | Natural Air Humidifier You Need at Home

The next time you wash clothes, consider giving your dryer a well-deserved break, and do the good old wring-and-hang method instead. Consider hanging a clothesline or buying a drying rack. You can enjoy all the benefits of an improved air quality while waiting for freshly-washed clothes to dry. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

2. Cool DIY Natural Air Humidifier: A Bowl Of Water

A cool trick to mimic the effects of a humidifier: add a bowl of water close to a heat source (a radiator or vent would be perfect). The heat would aid in the quick evaporation of the water in the bowl, which then adds to the amount of moisture in the air.

3. A Pretty Trick: Plants that Humidify the Air

Areca palm, peace lily, and spider plants are three of the most common plants that you can find across different sources. However, if you really want to maximize the effort, you can check out David Wolfe’s list of 6 indoor houseplants to grow in your bedroom.?Who knows, with more experience, maybe you’ll even get to make your very own essential oils!

4. A Fun Natural Air Humidifier: Whip Out Your Apron!

A Fun Natural Air Humidifier: Whip Out Your Apron | Natural Air Humidifier You Need at Home

If you love cooking, want to learn how to cook, or just love eating, this next tip is a treat. Turn down the thermostat, turn on the stove, and get to cooking! If the room temperature is a bit too nippy, swaddle up with jackets and blankets, and prepare hearty stews to naturally warm up while enjoying the humidity introduced by steam.

5. For a Natural Air Humidifier: Hold the Bathwater!

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Who isn’t a fan of a warm, relaxing bath? Warm baths are especially wonderful during cold seasons, but instead of draining the water, let it remain in the tub and drench the air as it evaporates. If you have small children, please make sure they can’t get into the bathroom.

6. A Fun, Dual-Purpose Technique: Spritz it Up

A Fun, Dual-Purpose Technique: Spritz it Up | Natural Air Humidifier You Need at Home

A lot of guides suggest spraying your curtains with water, but here at Life Beyond Organic, we’re all about making the most of every technique. Here’s our fun suggestion: heavily dilute essential oils with water, pour it into a spray bottle, and dampen your curtains with?the mixture. You get the humidifying effect (as the water evaporates), plus the wonderful benefits of the oils you’re using.

7. For the MacGyvers: Create Your Own Natural Air Humidifier!

If, for some reason, you realize that an electric humidifier just isn’t for you, you can try putting rocks on water, and waiting for it to evaporate (the rocks make the water last longer). Other variations of this trick is to first add a big towel, then the rocks to pin down the middle, and then water water, You can replace the towel as it gets dirty.


Want to see other innovative DIY natural humidifiers using sponges? Check out this video by desertsun02:

When it comes to living naturally, it’s important to always have a choice. If you’re not yet sure whether you want an electric humidifier for your home and your family, try out some of these resourceful natural air humidifier techniques?if they work, they turn out to?be the only humidifiers that you’ll ever need!

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