Essential Oils for Warts

Are you?looking for home remedies for wart removal, and essential oils for warts? Warts are unsightly, and the process of removing them can be painful and expensive. Whether you’re planning on using all-natural solutions for warts, or are looking for essential oil recipes that would complement medical procedures, you’ve come to the right place!

Essential Oils for Warts You Should Try Out

1.?Oregano | Essential Oils for Warts

Oregano | Essential Oils for Warts

The compound carvacrol is the reason for oregano’s warm and spicy scent. It is also the compound responsible for oregano’s antibacterial properties. It may be effective in burning and eliminating warts, and in disinfecting the affected area. Try mixing?one?teaspoon of oregano oil with?around eight teaspoons of a carrier oil (jojoba, coconut, or olive oil), and applying it to the wart regularly. Don’t forget to do a patch test: try it with a small portion of the skin before applying it liberally to a large area of the skin (particularly in the case of filiform warts).

2. Tea Tree | Essential Oils for Warts

Much can be said about tea tree oil’s antiseptic properties. Its supposed efficacy in?warding off of bacteria, fungi, and mites has turned it into a?common ingredient in a lot of household and cosmetic products. If you’re looking for an oil that may help make a wart disappear, tea tree oil may be it! You can?apply it?directly to the wart, or ensure absorption by applying it via a?piece of cotton secured by medical tape.

3. Lemongrass | Essential Oils for Warts

Lemongrass | Essential Oils for Warts

This oil is known to be effective against herpes simplex type 1?(cold sores), and shingles, which is caused by the chickenpox virus. Warts are caused by viruses in the human papillomavirus family, so lemongrass may?help eliminate the wart by killing the underlying problem. You can use lemongrass oil after diluting it with a carrier oil. You can also choose another oil in this list and blend it with lemongrass and carrier oil mixture. The basic diluting rule is 2:1?2 parts carrier oil to 1 part essential oil.

4. Frankincense | Essential Oils for Warts

A lot of people swear by frankincense’s regenerative?properties, making it a common choice for those who are looking to keep their skin young and healthy.?This characteristic may help?restore the skin damaged by warts. Frankincense blends well with oregano, so you can opt to mix the two, dilute, and rub the mixture on the affected area.

5. Clove | Essential Oils for Warts

Clove | Essential Oils for Warts

The composition of clove oil?contributes to its supposed?antimicrobial?and?antiseptic?properties. What makes it potentially useful for warts, however, is its reputed anaesthetic properties. Plantar warts?can sink deep enough to penetrate the skin of the foot and cause pain, and this is where clove oil may come in handy. Just apply diluted clove oil on plantar warts twice a day!

6. Lavender | Essential Oils for Warts

People swear by lavender for a lot of ailments. Its anaesthetic properties may help those who decide to push through with a painful medical procedure. You can choose to use a diffuser to inhale the oil?or to dilute it and apply it topically. If you do decide to apply it on your skin, please consult with?your doctor for possible interactions with medications.

7. Allspice | Essential Oils for Warts

Allspice | Essential Oils for Warts

Allspice is believed to have anaesthetic and analgesic properties. You might want to use it to alleviate the pain of wart removal, especially if you decide to do the removal at home. If you’re planning to have warts surgically removed, don’t forget to ask your doctor first. Essential oils may potentially interact adversely with medications, so exercise caution when using oils weeks before or after your surgery.


If you’re wondering how to use tea tree and other oils to remove warts, watch Dr. Holly Lucille explain wart removal techniques in this short video:

Warts are not something?one should be ashamed of. There are medical and all-natural options when it comes to warts removal and?symptom relief. Don’t forget to ask your doctor or naturopathic specialist for advice before starting a regimen.

What are your all-natural wart removal items or recipes? Did we miss an important essential oil? Please share your insights in the comment box below.

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