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Organic Herbs | Will Consumption End Menstrual Cramps?

You may think your garnish is just for show, but it might be the healthiest thing on your plate. What most people don’t know, however, is they hold a great secret. Organic herbs have medical benefits to treat a lot of ailments; mainly, menstrual cramps, according to this report by Petoskey News.

Organic Herbs Can End Menstrual Cramps

Don?t leave that garnish on the plate. It might be the most nutritious thing you eat today. Often overlooked as green vegetables in their own right, many herbs could go head to head with the famous nutritional profiles of other leafy greens like kale and chard. They?re beautiful and fragrant and packed with vitamins and minerals, but the good news about herbs doesn?t stop there.

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Now, many ladies swear by natural herbs, and with good reason. They do?indeed make food taste better than store-bought herbs. But what most people don’t know is how good of a cure they can be for painful menstrual cramps, a problem we women all share.

Recommended Organic Herbs

Recommended Organic Herbs | Organic Herbs | Will Consumption End Menstrual Cramps
According to Mary Brower of Bluestem Farm, oregano is more than just an herb you throw in to make your pizza taste better. Many people use oregano for cooking. However, taken in medicinal amounts, oregano can help cure everything from mild fevers to menstrual cramps. But it’s not just oregano who can help you out with your lady problems. Other organic herbs that can help are black cohosh, motherwort, and cramp bark.

Black cohosh root has long been in use in Native American medicine to stop cramps and irritability. It has also been proven to reduce hot flashes, irritability, and other menopausal symptoms. Motherwort, on the other hand, has its brand of magic. Its anti-inflammatory properties can relieve painful cramps, and can also strengthen your uterine muscles against cramping.

Cramp bark, on the other hand, is self-explanatory! Benefits various types of muscle cramps. Of course, it means you can use it for your menstrual cramps. Cramp bark can handle dysmenorrhea pretty well and can help ease bloating, ?and regulate heavy flows.

Easily End PMS Cramps with Organic Herbs

Easily End PMS Cramps with Organic Herbs | Organic Herbs | Will Consumption End Menstrual Cramps
Menstrual cramps are troublesome and can debilitate you for days on end. Sometimes, there’s not much a girl can do except toss and turn in bed. However, organic herbs like these?can give you your life back, girl! Oregano, black cohosh, motherwort, and cramp bark are the best natural pain relievers. To utilize the wonders of these organic herbs to make menstrual cramps go away is easy.

One method you can do is to just chew on fresh oregano leaves off the bat. Chew them three times a day to relieve yourself of menstrual pain. Furthermore, you can try using oregano as a tea. For black cohosh, chewing the root is usually enough to gain its therapeutic effects. Motherwort is usually harvested and brewed into a tea, or you could turn it into a tincture if you desire. Finally, cramp bark is best taken as a tea, with honey to taste.

We’ve long accepted menstrual cramps as an evil we have to live with as ladies. With these organic herbs, you can start living better with your menstrual cramps. Find your local farmer’s market, or better yet, start growing organic herbs in your garden! Before long, you’ll be picking from your own, freshly grown and self-nurtured natural herbs from your garden.

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