Essential Oils For Topical Use

Essential oils can be used in numerous ways – whether you?re enjoying the scent during a long, relaxing meditation at the end of your yoga class, or mixing a couple of drops into your water bottle, there are tons of options in which you can incorporate essential oils into your everyday routine. One of these, and perhaps the most common use, is topical application of essential oils directly onto the skin. With this approach, you can almost instantly enjoy the soothing and healing benefits that essential oils have to offer the skin, along with the internal body and the mind. Today, we?ll look at some tips and tricks for essential oil application to the skin; some areas of the body to avoid, the ways in which the oils can be applied, and the best types of essential oils whose benefits will be maximized by topical application.

Topical Use of?Essential Oils

First, let?s take a look at the best application techniques that will keep your skin safe, while also allowing you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils to their fullest potential. Just like any other lotion, cream, or topical medication, it?s important to keep in mind that different skin types will have various reactions to essential oils; you might respond well to tea tree oil on a mosquito bite, but your friend might not see a difference.

Essential Oils For Topical Use

Best application techniques and ways to protect the health of your skin when working with essential oils:

  • Apply an essential oil to a small spot on your skin first to see how it reacts – the back of the hand or the inside of the arm near the elbow crease are the best spots to determine how the product is going to mix with your own unique skin!
  • Two areas to avoid at all times are the eyes and the ears – ouch!
  • If your essential oil is quite concentrated, or the bottle asks that you dilute the product before applying, make sure to use a couple drops of carrier oil, not water – remember, oil and water don?t mix!
  • Keep in mind that certain oils are much more sensitive to sunlight. Your product should have this listed on the bottle, and if it does, you have one of two options: first, you can apply the oil topically and avoid direct sunlight for a substantial amount of time until the skin has absorbed the product; or, you can enjoy the benefits in another way (by adding to beverages or burning/releasing for scent – whatever your product?s package says!)

Now that you know your skin can safely work with an essential oil, let?s look at some of the best places on the body to maximize effects for various physical and mental conditions.

Best Places On the Body:

  • Extra stressful day at work and in need of some relaxation? Apply the oil directly on the forehead and/or temples (lavender and frankincense are the best for relieving stress!)
  • Seasonal sniffles got your feeling stopped up? The bridge of the nose and the back of the neck are the best spots for oil application (and you should consider using lavender, lemon, or peppermint!)
  • Muscle tensions got you feeling uptight? Apply your essential oil to your temples, the base of the back of the neck, and the tops of the shoulders (peppermint will be the most soothing option!)
  • Feeling a little bit down and looking for a little mid-day joy? For an immediate mood boost, oils should go across the forehead, on the wrists, or behind the ears, just like your favorite perfume! Citrus oil and frankincense are particularly good for a zap of happy!
  • Having trouble sleeping at night? For a top quality snooze, apply lavender or cedarwood to the crown of the head and behind the earlobes, and you?ll be dozing in no time!
  • For general skin wellness (this can be eliminating redness and irritation, dryness, and minimizing pores), lavender, frankincense, and melrose are your best bets – you?ll be making your own easy facials and feeling fabulous! These oils not only help with general skin wellness, but help to erase scars and bruises as well.

Whether you?re a seasoned essential oil expert, or you?re just beginning your journey with these amazing products, knowing the correct topical applications (and the best oils for different skin needs) will ensure that you are not only making the most of your money, but also, you?re increasing your mood, your health, and your overall wellness and being. It?s incredible how a couple drops will brighten your day, increase your mood, and heal that pesky scar that just won?t seem to fade. Now it?s time for you to enjoy, and happy healing!

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