Miranda Kerr’s Special Essential Oils Blend Cures Heartbreak

Miranda Kerr swears that essential oil blends cured her of a heartbreak. Well and Good reveals how essential oil blends recipes have helped the supermodel cope up with the bad breakup blues.?Coping?up with heartbreaks is an individual process, there’s no magic wand to it. However, no matter which method you choose towards healing, essential oils are here to help you nurture your heart, make you feel better and may help you embrace life once again.

Miranda Kerr's Special Essential Oils Blend Cures Heartbreak

Essential Oils Blend To Soothe And Heal An Aching Heart

Some celebrities may be newly embracing the power of essential oils?like Bella Hadid and even Justin Bieber. But Miranda Kerr has known about the plant-powered scents since she was a child?and they?ve helped the Australian-born supermodel keep her wellness game on point all the way through to adulthood.

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Essential oil blends are becoming a favorite, even among celebrities. Even with how busy they are, they still find time to recuperate and find sanctuary in using essential oils and natural treatments. However, Miranda Kerr goes beyond relaxing and destressing when using essential oil blends. She claims on the effectivity of this mixture in treating a heartbreak.


Essential Oils Blend Soothing Effects

Unlike most people, Miranda Kerr was exposed to the use of essential oils and natural products at an early age. She knew the importance of eating healthy and taking care of her wellness through organic food and substances. After her separation with Orlando Broom, she found comfort through an essential oil blend from her aromatherapist.

She claims that the soothing effects of this blend uplift her spirit. It worked for her like a warm hug throughout the trying times in her life. Since then, she has been carrying around this blend. Miranda even wanted to share the experience this essential oil blend. She offered and launched the Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil on her Kora Organics line.

Essential Oils Blend at Work

Essential oils are natural substances that contain compounds that trigger hormones in our bodies. Miranda Kerr’s experience is a perfect example of?an aromatic experience that can actually change the mood and feelings of a person.

When an essential oil does its work, it releases compounds that trigger a specific hormone?in the body that controls emotions or feelings. In her case, her Heart Chakra Aromatherapy oil might have triggered the release of the?oxytocin hormone in her body. This explains the feeling of being loved and uplifted. Some essential oils work differently. Others offer immediate relief for pain, while some can inhibit the release of hormones that triggers allergies or diseases.


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