11 Bergamot Essential Oil Uses And Benefits

Bergamot essential oil has been a favorite with aromatherapy enthusiasts, thanks to its many wonderful properties. It is not surprising why this natural product is also used in food, drinks, and even perfume. We list the various reasons why you should purchase your very own supply of natural bergamot essential oil for your personal use.

Why You Should Stock Bergamot Essential Oil at Home

1. Create Natural Earl Grey Tea Anytime

Create Natural Earl Grey Tea Anytime | Bergamot Essential Oil Uses And Benefits
Bergamot essential oil has citric properties that give the famous Earl Grey tea a distinctive taste. Earl grey tea benefits those who are suffering from heart disease. Only make a piping hot cup of black tea and put in a few drops of the therapeutic grade of bergamot essential oil. You can set as many as 20 drops of bergamot oil, depending on how strong you want it to be.

2. Enhances Your Mood

Known for its calming and soothing smell, bergamot is a great essential oil option to add to your diffuser or humidifier. The?lovely smell of bergamot may make anyone in the room feel relaxed and at peace. Bergamot is often used in spas and bedrooms for people to unwind and destress.

3. Brings Positive Emotional Benefits

Brings Positive Emotional Benefits | Bergamot Essential Oil Uses And Benefits
Aromatherapists believe bergamot essential oil encourages people to acknowledge their sense of self. Upon smelling, bergamot essential oil may help anyone in their self-reflection time, where one goes through processing and releasing any?negative feelings like criticism and fear. There is no solid study about this, but bergamot’s?calming properties may lead a person to?seek validation?and accept authenticity.

4. Use As Massage Oil For Blood Circulation

What better way to absorb the benefits of bergamot than using this essential oil for a good massage? Bergamot has Alpha Pinene and Limonene, which are plant compounds that can promote blood circulation. They stimulate your body and shake your lethargy away.

5.?Mix It With Your Favorite Facial Product

Mix It To Your Favorite Facial Product | Bergamot Essential Oil Uses And Benefits
Bergamot has cleansing properties that may get rid of any bacteria, which is excellent if you are regularly exposed to pollution every day. Moreover, this essential oil has an agent that may help eliminate marks and other scars on your skin and even promote even skin tone. This makes it a perfect essential oil for your beauty regimen, especially for people who are suffering from acne and have noticeable marks on the face.

6. Use as an Antiseptic

Uses for bergamot essential oil extend beyond the cosmetic variety. Bergamot is an excellent antiseptic, thanks to the disinfectant and antibiotic properties present in the essential oil. The properties also inhibit germs, virus, and fungi growing on the affected areas of your skin. You can use bergamot to aid in the healing of wounds, extremely dry skin to skin disorders like eczema.

7. Helps Get Rid of Odor

Helps Get Rid of Odor | Bergamot Essential Oil Uses And Benefits
If you take time to check the labels on your deodorant, room fresheners, and sprays, you’ll find bergamot as one of the ingredients. You shouldn’t be surprised. Citrus plants are effective when it comes to eliminating odors. Bergamot also steps up the plate as it may also prevent the growth of the very germs that causes the scent in the first place.

8. Awesome for Your Hair

Bergamot may be used as a natural serum for frizzy hair. Just make sure to slick the essential oil from the roots to the ends. You can also add a few drops of this essential oil on your purifying shampoo. Bergamot oil may boost the shampoo’s cleansing properties and get rid of scalp buildup.

9. Helps Digestion

Helps Digestion | Bergamot Essential Oil Uses And Benefits
Bergamot essential oil as a tonic may activate and accelerate bile, enzyme, and digestive acid secretion. These three are essential for proper digestion as they may help quicken the digestive process, and minimizes intestinal tract in the process. Bergamot essential oil may also help regulate your bowel movement and reduce gastrointestinal complications.

10. Your All-Around Herbal Medicine

Got phlegm and mucus? Bergamot essential oil may help dispel it from your respiratory system. You can also swirl a small amount of it in your mouth to get rid of oral germs and keep cavities from forming. You can also give a small dose to your growing kids who are suffering from malnourishment and other deficiencies caused by intestinal worms.

11.?A Perfect Complement or Substitute Essential Oil

If you’re running out of the following essential oils, you can use bergamot as a substitute:

  • wild orange
  • lemon
  • tangerine

Bergamot essential oil is also a perfect complement to the following essential oils:

  • clary sage
  • cypress
  • eucalyptus
  • frankincense
  • geranium
  • lemon
  • lavender
  • ylang-ylang
  • other citrus oils

Just make sure though that you don’t overdo the ratio and try to stick with the recommended dose.

Watch this guide on Bergamot essential oil by ActiveBeat below:

With the list above, bergamot might as well be a multi-purpose essential oil. If you do decide to stock on bergamot essential oil, store it in a dark bottle in a cool place. Bergamot has?bergapten, a component which could turn the essential oil poisonous once exposed to sunlight. Use bergamot only at night or avoid the sun for a while after topical application.

Got any questions about using bergamot essential oil? Share them in our comments section below!

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