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Bay essential oil is harvested from the Bay tree, a plant native to the Caribbean region. Use of this essential oil has had a long history — it has popped up in ancient Roman and Hellenic medicine, culture, and religion. It is extracted through the?Laurus nobilis, is chock-full of benefits. Read about its amazing benefits here and see how essential oils may help you live your best life!

Bay Essential Oil and How It Helps

1. Bay Essential Oil as an Antibiotic

Bay essential oil inhibits biotic growth that may help you fight infections. Specifically, it may kill off any microbes, bacteria, and fungi in your body, potentially saving you from life-threatening infections. Unlike regular pharmaceutical antibiotics, using bay essential oil may contain no adverse side effects. You’ll be doing your liver and heart a favor by choosing to go natural!

2. Bay Essential Oil for Spasms

Bay Essential Oil for Spasms | Amazing Bay Essential Oil Benefits | Life Beyond Organic
Muscle spasms cause uncomfortable feelings such as diarrhea, convulsions, cramps and various aches. Your blood vessels and nerves are contracting excessively, causing your body pain. Left unchecked, it could quickly turn into a trip to the ER. Bay essential oil is a relaxant and may help ease out the tensions and contractions in your body.

3. Enhance Appetite with Bay Essential Oil

Enhance Appetite with Bay Essential Oil | Amazing Bay Essential Oil Benefits | Life Beyond Organic
It can be hard to get ourselves to eat sometimes. Be it stress or loss of appetite. Eating can become a chore for some. Loss of appetite can be a symptom of something bigger. Particularly, it could be a nutrient deficiency or acute depression. However, bay essential oil may get your appetite from “not hungry” to “ravenous” in a jiffy! A single teaspoon of bay essential oil could get you hungry!

4. Bay Essential Oil as an Antiseptic

Whenever you suffer a wound, pay heed. Don’t shrug off an injury if it came from an iron object, even if it wasn’t rusty. Tetanus and septic shock is nothing to sneeze at. These could potentially easily result in fever, crippling pain, insanity, and even death. Bay essential oil is a great antiseptic to have handy as it may help prevent infection to develop.

5. Calming Effects of Bay Essential Oil

Calming Effects of Bay Essential Oil | Amazing Bay Essential Oil Benefits | Life Beyond Organic
Feeling depressed, stressed, or anxious? A teaspoon of bay essential oil, ingested or topical, may help calm those emotions. Try using a couple of drops to rub against your temples and nape. After you ingest or rub your bay essential oil, lie back and try to relax on your comfiest chair, preferably with the lights turned low and a good book.

6. Relieve Pain with Bay Essential Oil

Pain is a common side-effect of different diseases and physical injuries. In particular, viral infections, the flu, and the common cold cause physical pain. Though this essential oil is not a cure for the common cold, it may potentially help ease the muscle pains associated with these ailments.

7. Bay Essential Oil as a Tonic

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It’s always a good idea to take bay essential oil to tone and tune up your body’s systems. Bay essential oil may help improve various metabolic functions, like digestion and nutrient absorption. Additionally, bay essential oil may help you be more alert and active, as well as protect you from infections. It’s just like your multivitamins, but non-pharmaceutical!

8. Relieve Menstrual Cramps with Bay Essential Oil

Ladies, we all know how hard our monthly periods can get. It is particularly more difficult for girls with irregular periods. However, bay essential oil may help get your period back on track! Bay essential oil may potentially be effective in helping obstructed menses become more regular. Furthermore, it may help ease the unbearable cramps you get on your period!

9. Bay Essential Oil as an Insecticide

Insects can be pesky house companions. If you live in a tropical climate, mosquitoes and cockroaches are probably sharing your room with you right now. However, don’t pick up the Raid just yet; there’s a natural alternative to it! Mix a few drops of bay essential oil with water and put it in a spritzer to make yourself an all-natural insecticide.

10. Bay Essential Oil for Heartburn Relief

Bay Essential Oil for Heartburn Relief | Amazing Bay Essential Oil Benefits | Life Beyond Organic
Heartburn occurs when there is an imbalance of acids in your stomach. Bile?can rush out and upset the acid-base balance, giving you an uncomfortable heartburn feeling. When acids are abundant, your stomach acid could potentially lose its lining, and you may develop an ulcer. Fortunately, this essential oil neutralizing excess acids in your belly.

11. Bay Essential Oil as Astringent

Loose muscles can be a problem. Your tissues might be too loose and can cause sagging. And it’s not just externally — your gums might loosen up its grip on your teeth, and your scalp might not be holding your hairs as much as it should. With this excellent essential oil, your muscles will get the contractions it needs to keep everything in tip-top shape.


Watch this video from SS HairQAs to learn how to make your bay leaf oil:

It’s easy to think that bay essential oil is an excellent, natural health product… because it is! If you want to go all-natural and leave pharmaceutical cures behind, start with this great essential oil. You’ll be surprised how big of an impact it will have on your life!

Got anymore bay essential oil facts that weren’t mentioned here? Let’s talk about them in the comments.

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