Angelica Essential Oil and Its Amazing Benefits

Angelica essential oil can be produced from both the seeds and the roots of the Angelica plant. It is generally used to help relieve the pain caused by rheumatic conditions, UTI and viral infections. Although it’s not as popular as other essential oils, there are several benefits that you can also get from it. Addressing infections and illnesses is just one of the powers of angelica essential oil. Read on for more!

Angelica Essential Oil: Fun Facts & Its Value To Health

Angelica Essential Oil and Its Amazing Benefits

Angelica Essential Oil Fun Facts

The angelica essential oil belongs to the least popular group of organic oils in the market. Here are a few things about this natural oil:

  • Scientific name: Angelica Archangelica
  • Essential oil properties: thick texture
  • Texture and color: yellowish to light brown
  • Common names: Arden Angelica, wild celery, and Norwegian Angelica
  • Part of plant used for production of essential oil: seeds and roots


Angelica Essential Oil Benefits and Health Value

Old folks claim Angelica essential oil has digestive, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, and stimulant properties. Also, others who have been using Angelica essential oil could attest the following health benefits:

1. Manage indigestion and stomach problems

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Angelica essential oil can be a good stimulant to?improving digestion?in our stomach. The essence released by the oil is known to trigger the part of the brain that produces saliva. And as we all know, saliva is essential to a healthy digestive system. Also, such relaxing aroma of angelica oil may improve one?s appetite.

This essential oil has beta-phellandrene and alpha-phellandrene content. This is responsible for its pleasant aroma.

How to use:

  • Inhale the essential oil from your hand or a diffuser for a good 10-20 minutes.
  • Dilute 12 drops of angelica essential oil on 2 tablespoons of your preferred carrier oil.
  • Massage on stomach area in clockwise movements.

2. ?Treat scars, wounds, and bruises

You may also use angelica essential oil to help treat scars, bruises, and wounds faster. It has coumarin compounds which may help accelerate the healing process. Such compound makes the oil photo-toxic. So, if possible, avoid exposure to sunlight when using the oil.

How to use:

  • Dilute 5 drops of angelica oil with 10 ml of almond oil or any other type of vegetable oil.
  • Apply directly to wounded, bruised or scarred area.
  • Use three times daily during the first application.
  • Apply the oil once every day until the area is completely healed.

3. Relief from Anxiety

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Inhaling Angelica essential oil is known to have?calming effects on the nervous system. Generally, Angelica essential oil has 30% Delta-3-carene. Such substance may slow down the brain activity. In some cases, it may be a helpful natural substance to keep you calm during an anxiety attack instead of the usual medications.

The limonene content of angelical oil enhances the effects of the other compounds present in the oil. This also helps in absorbing the oil more efficiently.

How to use:

  • Inhale directly from the bottle or via a diffuser until your mood is improved.

4. Reduce fat and lowers blood cholesterol

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Angelica essential oil is said to be depurative in nature. It contains compounds that promote purification of the blood. Its diuretic properties may aid urination. Angelica essential oil is also diaphoretic, capable of triggering the brain to promote sweating.

How to use:

  • Mix 5 drops of angelica oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil before application.
  • Massage on affected area.
  • Apply once daily.
  • Maybe inhaled for at most 5 minutes, twice daily.

Using Angelica oil regularly may speed up the removal of toxins in the body, through sweat and urination. This may help relieve symptoms caused by high uric acid, gout, arthritis, and rheumatism.

5. Fight off viral infections

Viral infections in the respiratory system, such as cold and coughs may be reduced with the help of Angelica essential oils. The essential oil consists mainly of alpha-pinene. This compound may act as decongestants and has antiviral properties. So it helps you get relief from the symptoms of colds and cough. Also, same compound?is known to stimulate vital processes in the body, promoting healthier function.

How to use:

  • Inhale angelica essential oil via a diffuser or from a glass container.
  • Use several times daily or until breathing improves.

Elizabeth Madero shares tips on how to identify white angelica oil from angelica essential oil in this video:

Angelica essential oil is one of the distilled essential oils readily available. Though it may not be as popular as the other essential oils available in the market, it may have the?same potency and efficiency in treating simple and severe complications and illnesses.

Do you have prior experience in using angelica essential oil? Share details in our comments section.

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