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What is Aromatherapy? (And Why it’s Important)

It’s the latest craze sweeping the nation, and with good reason! You?ve most likely heard about it in the past few years as its popularity has skyrocketed in the United States, but can you answer the question “What is aromatherapy?” If you’re in doubt, join us as we take a closer look at the brief history of aromatherapy that?got everyone of all shapes and sizes feeling calm, looking great, and on their way to a stress-free holiday.

What Is Aromatherapy: A Closer Look

What Is Aromatherapy?

What Is Aromatherapy? | What is Aromatherapy? (And Why it's Important)

Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy, is the practice of using natural extracts of aromatic essences from plants for many purposes. The uses of these extracts work to restore, harmonize and balance the human mind, body, and spirit. Aromatherapy is mostly viewed as a cultural art, but the practice relies on backgrounds from the hard sciences such as psychology and physiology. It is one of the longest-lasting and most sustainable forms of treatment?the world has ever known.

A Brief History

The name ?aromatherapy? was first used and developed by a French perfumer and chemist who discovered the physiological healing properties of essential oils. The practice itself has been working its way around the globe much longer than the first notable aromatherapy publication in 1937.

Both the ancient Chinese and Egyptians were quick to identify essential oils as powerful healing tools. Essentials have helped them to create both physical and mental harmony and balance. There is evidence of these ancient cultures building distillery machines to support the extraction of oils from plants.

Today’s favorite essential oils like cedarwood, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and myrrh were all used thousands of years ago. The ancient Greeks have produced documentation of using essential oils to treat battle wounds and to aid in medicinal formulas. The therapeutic formulas were efficiently used for common illnesses to psychological distress.

Aromatherapy Today

In modern day, aromatherapy is commonly used in cosmetics, as well as for further aid in spiritual growth routines like yoga. Cosmetic companies seek out pure, potent, and natural oils. These oils help reduce both dryness and oiliness in the skin. Thus, it allows prevention of acne, keeps and promote skin moisture and defies marks of age.

Additionally, there are special aromatherapy oils created to help with massage and acupuncture. Both practices work on a physiological and psychological basis to reduce pain, tension, and stress in the mind and body. Integrating the use of essential oils into these practices enhances the physical and spiritual benefits.

Common Places

Another common place to find aromatherapy is in the yoga studio. Teachers are combining two ancient and holistic arts to help practicing yogis and students reach maximum physical and psychological peace during and following class. The use of specific oil during a yoga class helps achieve a certain purpose. For example, lavender is ideal to aid in relaxation, and the scent of lemongrass may work to revitalize and energize after an intense and sweaty class.

Aromatherapy For You

Aromatherapy For You | What is Aromatherapy? (And Why it's Important)

For those who do not prefer synthetic forms of medication, aromatherapy is the ideal option. It is an all-natural alternative proven to both heal and restores, relax and rejuvenate, de-stress and energize the body and mind.

Essential oils and aromatherapy are also inexpensive and practical option for any treatment purposes. They’re available in almost any pharmacy or cosmetic store throughout the country. While it might seem like a relatively new phenomenon, aromatherapy has existed and been working its magic all over the world for thousands of years. There?s no point in waiting – experience for yourself the healing benefits of this ancient and incredible art!

How does aromatherapy work? Find out in this amazing video from?Tazeka Aromatherapy:?

Now that you’re aware of what is aromatherapy, keep in mind, that there are still some warnings about the safe use of essential oils. Use it moderately and with precaution as they are wonderful natural remedies when used correctly. Proper research and safety first are the keys to achieving aromatherapy’s full potential.

Can you now answer the question “What is Aromatherapy?” Let us know in the comments section below!?

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