Lemongrass: One Of the Most Versatile Essential Oils

Looking for an essential oil that will meet all of your needs? From pain reduction, to glowing skin, to healthy hair and a happier mood, we?ve got the essential oil that you need! Lemongrass, a more mild, sweeter, and far less sour scent than the lemon fruit, is used in countless beverages, desserts, and other culinary creation to add flavor, and of course, work its magic in many other ways. It is extracted through a process of steam distillation from dried lemongrass, and once you use it once, you?ll want to use it every day! Read on to discover some of the amazing unknown benefits of this essential oil, and we guarantee you?ll be running out the door to snatch some up in no time!

Lemongrass: A Versatile Essential Oil

To begin, lemongrass has numerous medicinal properties that will benefit the user?s health. The reduction of pain and inflammation are the primary properties that a lemongrass user will experience; an application of lemongrass oil to sore muscles and joints will immediately see pain relief. A quick temple massage with the oil will soothe a headache, and even adding a few drops to a glass of water will help to minimize the pain of a toothache. Even viral infections such as coughs, the common cold, flu, and fever can be actively combatted by lemongrass oil use. Athletes who over-exert their bodies on a daily basis are also known to use lemongrass oil to relieve general body aches and pains. Overall, from a pain relief perspective, lemongrass oil is a must-have for every single person!

In addition to relieving physical pain, lemongrass oil can be extremely beneficial in a mental capacity as well. Those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress have seen an exceptionally positive change in their mood and general disposition when using lemongrass oil. The oil works to increase positive aspects of the personality and mental disposition, such as boosting confidence, encouraging inner peace and mental strength, and fighting depression. Anyone who has experienced suffering from a stressful job or a tough personal situation will be able to find comfort and ease when inhaling, ingesting, or topically applying lemongrass oil – experts suggest you just take it with your tea and relax.

Lemongrass: One Of the Most Versatile Essential Oils

Yes, there?s even more! Here?s one you might not know – lemongrass oil works to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes that are harmful to the body, and instead, encourages the growth of healthy bacteria in its place. The types of microbes and bacteria that lemongrass oil actively works to grow are helpful in strengthening lots of internal organs such as the colon and the stomach – it even reduces the strength of smell in body odor! What more could you ask for?

If you?re tired of the bugs that seem to flock to the summer heat, have no fear – lemongrass essential oil can be used as an insect repellent by both killing pests and keeping them away.

Some other useful ways in which lemongrass can be applied to everyday situations are:

  • Utilizing the sedative properties for a deep sleep at night, perfect for those who suffer from insomnia or just want a nice restorative nap after a long shift at work.
  • Stabilizing the nervous system (in more ways than one!) Nervous about an interview or a presentation? Lemongrass will soothe your anxiety and help you to focus your mind on the job ahead. In addition, those who deal with shaking limbs, vertigo, and even convulsions can observe how their bodies will steady when using lemongrass essential oil on a daily basis.
  • Lemongrass speeds up the metabolism and increases the frequency and health of urination; it might sound odd, but both of these processes are essential when trying to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle and diet. Lemongrass also works wonders for women who are tired of cellulite appearing at the worst times – adding some lemongrass oil to your morning glass of water will work to reduce the appearance of dents in the legs.

It would be almost impossible to find an ailment that this fantastic essential oil couldn?t cure. It?s one of nature?s best kept magical secrets, and we don?t blame you if you?re already off your chair and running to your nearest drugstore to see what you can gain from a little lemongrass in your life!

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