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1. Baby Humidifier: 7 Things You Should Know

Keeping their children safe and healthy is a parent?s prime responsibility, and a baby humidifier may be one of the greatest allies a parent can have. Humidifiers have been recommended by pediatricians to help your child recover from colds and act as a sleeping aid… Click to read more

2. 9 Organic Beauty Products You Should Have

Going all-natural and environmentally-conscious by using organic beauty products is definitely a trend that?s here to stay. By using natural cosmetic products, you help save Mother Earth while taking care of your skin! Take a look at this organic beauty products list to help you get started towards making the switch to organic! Click to read more

3. 9 Humidifier Alternatives To Add Humidity To Your Home

Humidifiers are great to have to regulate the moisture in your home. However, you don?t need a store-bought humidifier if you have any of these humidifier alternatives that do the job just as well. There are some ways you can make a homemade room humidifier with the supplies you already have. Most of these alternatives are very simple and can even double as decorative elements in your home! Click to read more

4. Essential Oils For Topical Use

Essential oils can be used in numerous ways ? whether you?re enjoying the scent during a long, relaxing meditation at the end of your yoga class, or mixing a couple of drops into your water bottle. There are tons of options in which you can incorporate essential oils into your everyday routine. One of these, and perhaps the most common use, is topical application of essential oils directly onto the skin… Click to read more

5. What Is Patchouli Oil? | Life Beyond Organic

If you?ve ever wondered what is patchouli oil, then it?s time to know more about the plant and where it came from. This essential oil comes from the patchouli plant and has been historically used for its medicinal properties and base for fragrances. Find out more about patchouli oil and where it comes from…?Click to read more

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