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1. Anise Essential Oil and Its Incredible Uses

Anise is a brown, star-shaped decorative herbal plant, but anise essential oil has a lot of uses apart from decoration. Use can use anise oil for everything from pain relief to flavor enhancement, and all you need are just a few drops! Find out more about the many uses of this herbal essential oil and the benefits it may provide… Click to read more

2. Natural Essential Oils For Your Beauty Regimen

There are a lot of natural essential oils you may use for your beauty regimen instead of settling for the chemically-infused cosmetic products in stores. All natural oils may have great benefits to your health and well-being, but there are particular essential oils great for your skin and hair! Click to read more

3. Is Organic Food Really Better Than Non-Organic?

There are a lot of pros and cons for organic food that you have to consider when deciding if it?s better than non-organic food. There is no doubt that going all natural has a lot of benefits for your health and the environment, but you?d be surprised how the few cons of organic food can hinder you from going organic. All the advantages and disadvantages against organic food have been laid out in this article by Home BT… Click to read more

4. First Essential Oils For Improved Overall Health

It?s the most recent craze, and it seems that everyone you know is getting hooked. Everywhere you turn, you see advertisements and products with sweet names and even sweeter smells: lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and rose. These little black glass bottles seem to surround you ? they?re in your local grocery store, your pharmacy, your neighbor?s bathroom hand soap. Exactly what are first essential oils, and where do you even begin to start with learning about their properties, their benefits, and how they can enhance your quality of life? Click to read more

5. 11 Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Your Home

Feature | Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Your Home
You need to make the most out of your essential oils and with so many essential oil diffusers available, it can be a grueling task. There are a lot of different kinds of diffusers with their own unique function, and it?s important for you to pick the right one. Fortunately, this list of best home diffusers for essential oils can narrow down your search! Click to read more

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