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1. Best Humidifiers | 7 Top Picks For Your Dry Skin

If you have sinus problems, colds, and dry skin, all these may be solved with the best humidifiers available today! Humidifiers help offset a lot of the woes of winter. They could be excellent additions to your home. Today, we?re listing some of the best humidifiers you can buy to help your dry skin heal… Click to read more

2. Holmes Air Purifiers | 7 Things Buyers Need To Consider

Holmes Air Purifiers are a line of high-quality and heavy-duty air purifiers from Holmes, known for their big air purification products. Not surprisingly, many people have sworn by their products and that can be seen through the many 5-star reviews they get. Holmes products are many and varied, but today we?ll be focusing on their air purifiers. Let?s discuss the 7 things you need to consider before you hit the buy button…?Click to read more

3. 9 Patchouli Oil Uses You Should Know | Life Beyond Organic

A lot of patchouli oil uses originated from ancient civilizations and are continued today. Patchouli oil has plenty of uses from patchouli perfume to an appetite stimulant. Find out the different uses of patchouli oil you can try at home and why it?s a great ingredient to keep in storage in various situations! Click to read more

4. Lemongrass: One Of the Most Versatile Essential Oils

Looking for an essential oil that will meet all of your needs? From pain reduction, to glowing skin, to healthy hair and a happier mood, we?ve got the essential oil that you need! Lemongrass, a more mild, sweeter, and far less sour scent than the lemon fruit, is used in countless beverages, desserts, and other culinary creation to add flavor, and of course, work its magic in many other ways… Click to read more

5. Furnace Humidifier | 7 Tips On How To Pick The Best One For You

A furnace humidifier is a great choice if you live in a big home. Winter months can do a number on your health because of the arid weather. This could potentially lead to a host of problems, particularly dry skin, scratchy throats, nosebleeds, and stuffy sinuses… Click to read more

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