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Here’s what happened on Life Beyond Organic this week…

1. How to Make Essential Oils | 5 Different Ways

The most common way to make essential oils?is by extracting directly from the plant. Learn how to make?essential oils in 5 different ways right in?the comfort of your home in this blog post! Click to read more

2. Miranda Kerr’s Special Essential Oils Blend Cures Heartbreak

Believe it or not?but Miranda Kerr swears?her special essential oils blend cures heartbreak. Well and Good reveals how essential oil blends recipes have helped the supermodel cope up with the bad breakup blues… Click to read more

3. Air Purifier Reviews: Amazon Consumers’ Report

Air purifier reviews are very important prior to purchasing one for your home. Making an educated choice can save you from getting a defective purifier instead of a perfect air purifier for your home… Click to read more

4. Humidifier vs Vaporizer: Which Should You Buy?

There is a difference when it?comes to using a humidifier vs vaporizer for allergies at home. Using a vaporizer has just as many advantages as humidifier benefits. It is quite difficult?to decide which device would be best for your home and your needs. There are many misconceptions about the differences and similarities between a humidifier and a vaporizer. Learn the difference between a vaporizer vs humidifier and learn?which device suits your needs best… Click to read more

5. 6 Portable Humidifiers With Cute And Fancy Designs

If you fancy breathing?healthier air while working or traveling, then portable humidifiers are the answer.?Sleeping with a humidifier every night?can go a long way in making you healthy. So, take a look at these cute but functional devices which come in exciting shapes, colors, and sizes.?They can even help with?dry skin, too! Click to read more

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