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1. Basil Essential Oil and Its Benefits

The humble basil: one of the most important herbs for cooking. But, did you know that?basil’s wonders are not limited to?the tangy taste it adds to your pasta? It’s also one of the best essential oils out there! In this article, you will learn more about basil essential oil, other extracts and their benefits… Click to read more

2. Natural Air Humidifier You Need at Home

Which plants can turn the home into the ideal summer refuge that we all need? Have you ever considered using plants as an alternative to air conditioners and humidifiers? If you’re looking for the best plants to serve as a trusty natural air humidifier and an air cooler, check out this article by… Click to read more

3. Basement Dehumidifier Consumer Guide

After a thorough guide on oil diffuser benefits, here comes another air-maintenance article?a basement dehumidifier consumer guide! If you?re looking for the perfect dehumidifier to mold-proof your basement, we got you. We based this list from this year?s ?best basement dehumidifiers? reviews across the internet. We chose the qualities a buyer might prioritize in a dehumidifier and chose a winner based on which ones got the most shining reviews per category… Click to read more

4. What Is Aromatherapy? (And Why It’s Important)

It?s the latest craze sweeping the nation and with good reason! You?ve most likely heard about it in the past few years as its popularity has skyrocketed in the United States, but can you answer the question “what is aromatherapy?” When asked, most people will say that they have a general understanding of what aromatherapy actually is. However, when it comes to?what it does and the powers of its healing properties – there?s so much more to learn and understand about this ancient and important practice. Let?s take a closer look at this art and science that?s got everyone of all shapes and sizes feeling calm, looking great, and on their way to a stress-free summer… Click to read more

5. 11 Essential Oils for Migraines

Essential oils for migraines are slowly gaining popularity as a natural way of alleviating the pains and side effects of a migraine. Keep on reading to know which essential oils you should stock up on. As an added bonus, there?s also an essential oil for a sinus headache listed in this article… Click to read more

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