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1. Angelica Essential Oil and Its Amazing Benefits

Angelica essential oil is a natural oil derived from the seeds and the roots of the angelica plant. It is generally used to help relieve pain caused by rheumatic conditions, UTIs and viral infections. There are many substitutes for angelica oil. However, it may address several infections and illnesses just like other popular essential oils… Click to read more

2. Organic Products Are Now Preferred in The US Market

Trends show that Americans are leaning towards more organic food products. Americans are making more conscious and informed decisions in terms of what goes into their carts and are choosing natural, basic items especially when it comes to food and skin products. Read ?Americans Buying More Organic Products Than Ever Before? from Organic Authority below… Click to read more

3. New Therapure Air Purifier Customer Review

Get your hands on the new Therapure air purifier before they sell out! This latest version has hospital grade UV light germicidal tech, which makes it even more powerful against pollen, dust, and particles that are as small as 0.1 microns. Here are 7 reasons why it?s one of the best air purifiers you can get! Click to read more

4. How Can You Use Essential Oils?

If you buy natural and organic beauty products, have attended a yoga class or massage session, or purchased a soothing air freshener, chances are you?ve already experienced first-hand the healing and calming effects of essential oils, which can be found in all of these scenarios. Most of us associate the term ?essential oils? with aromatherapy, the art and practice of utilizing natural plant extracts in a variety of ways to soothe the body and mind… Click to read more

5. Aromatherapy Guide: Managing Your Emotions

Aromatherapy oils shouldn’t be mistaken as a replacement for therapy or medications, but they are a wonderful, all-natural supplement. The variety of oils available in the market right now can be a bit overwhelming especially for beginners. We made this aromatherapy guide to essential oils?as a primer, a 101?on the benefits of aromatherapy in mood management… Click to read more

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