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1. The Best Essential Oils for Colds and the Flu | Life Beyond Organic

Have the flu, sniffles, or just feeling under the weather? We’ve all been there, and it’s not a nice feeling. If you feel a flu?coming on and have been googling essential oils to stop coughing or to help cool down the fever, look no further.?Here are some of the commonly-known essential oils for colds… Click to read more

2. Coconut Oil Skincare for Millennials

Millennials are going back to the basics and brightening?it up with a dash of good ol’ shine. It has found its way into beauty icons’ hearts in the form of?coconut oil skincare products. Wondering how to use coconut oil for skincare? Read “‘Millennial Skincare’ Is Mostly Made of Coconut Oil and Glitter” from Inquirer.Net’s Preen below… Click to read more

3. 15 Essential Oils for Acne

Essential oils for acne possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they?re a safer and more natural treatment for acne compared to harsh prescription medications. Most essential oils used for acne are also backed with several scientific pieces of research claiming their effectiveness. Below are 15 of the best essential oils for acne prone skin, so you can get started on this natural and effective path! Click to read more

4. Essential Oils For Hair Health

With crazy work weeks, gym class and nights on the town, ?good hair days? are hard to come by and can be few and far between! Most of us are unaware of how the wind and dust from daily weather conditions can take a toll on our hair health, leaving it dry and frizzy. Combined with hair care practices that we think are helpful to our hair, such as washing it daily, this can actually lead to stripping the hair and scalp of natural coats of oil, which can lead to dryness, damage, and breakage… Click to read more

5. Essential Oils for Babies, Are They Safe?

A lot of people would attest to the restorative qualities of essential oils, but are essential oils safe for babies? People might already have a long list of essential oils for babies, and we agree with them, but there are certain things that need to be cleared up?first. So before you whip out the bottle of tea tree oil for your baby?s diaper rash, these are some of the important things you should know… Click to read more

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