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1. ?147 Essential Oils Uses for Common Ailments

Essential oils uses are becoming more popular nowadays. People are turning to more natural supplements. Whether you?re new to the wonderful world of essential oils, researching to add to your knowledge, or simply looking for an oil that isn?t already on your shelf, here?s a list of the most popular essential oils and their uses for common ailments… Click to read more

2. Uses of Essential Oils to Keep in Mind

Before enjoying the uses of essential oils, it?s important to keep some things in mind. In this news article, NDTV explores the basic knowledge involved in administering and preserving essential oils. If you?re a beginner looking for a simple essential oil guide, or a seasoned collector searching for practical storage tips, you?re in the right place! Click to read more

3. Ionizer Air Purifier | How to Pick the Right One

There are a plethora of wellness gadgets such as air purifiers, humidifiers, and vaporizers on the market. So, it’s hard to decide whether or not an ionizer air purifier is the best buy! Is it necessary to buy air purifiers with ionizer? How do ionizers work? How do you pick the right product? These are just a few of the common questions consumers ask when facing the dilemma of choosing a product. Allow us to shed some light and help you make the right decision… Click to read more

4. How To Make Essential Oils | Life Beyond Organic

Essential oils can be found and purchased at any local beauty supply or health and wellness store in your neighborhood. They?re generally very fairly priced and come with instructions on how to apply the oil, as well as some necessary and interesting background information about the particular health benefits of the chosen oil. However, you might be a little more curious to learn more about exactly what kind of molecules and chemicals are contained within your favorite essential oils, as well as the process behind extracting these aromas from their native plant. DIY queens, read on to find out how you can skip the line at the store and easily make?essential oils right in the comfort of your own home! Click to read more

5. Ajwain Oil | Why Do You Need It?

Ajwain oil may not be as common as peppermint or lavender, but in this article, we?re going to discuss why it deserves a space on your shelf. Ajwain oil extraction is done by steam distillation of the crushed seeds sourced from Middle Eastern countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, and Iran. This oil is known for its purposes in the field of aromatherapy and Ayurvedic medicine, and you can enjoy its benefits right in your own home! Click to read more

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