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1. Lavender Essential Oil and Its Uses

Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile and accessible oils on the market today. When you hear the word ?lavender? you probably think about fields of beautiful, purple flowers, and the unique soft scent they carry… Click to read more

2. How Do Essential Oils Work for Your Skin Type?

Do essential oils work for all skin types like oily, sensitive, or dry skin? In this article, Allure discusses the skin care wonders of essential and carrier oils for specific skin types. If you?ve been on the fence about the value of essential oils for beautiful skin, we have information that might help you decide… Click to read more

3. Basic Basil Essential Oil Uses and Its Precaution

While basil is commonly used to flavor meats and give them a fresh herbal smell, there are several basil essential oil uses offered beyond your kitchen. Basil essential oil may be used to treat various ailments, freshen up your home, and relax you. This essential oil has natural anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Find out how beneficial basil oil is in your home! Click to read more

4. Rose Water | How And Why You Should Make This Essential Oil

As essential oils grow in popularity, you?ll start to recognize a few names and their specific properties right off the bat. For example, lavender oil and its relaxing properties might spring to mind if you hear ?essential oils?; Additionally, you might hear tea tree oil and be reminded of the time you used it to heal a scrape or a mosquito bite. However, there is one essential oil that does not get much attention: rose water… Click to read more

5. List of Essential Oils: Facts and Their Benefits

Have you thought of creating a list of essential oils you want to keep on your shelf? Essential oils are known to have numerous health benefits. Since they are organic, many people want to use them as natural remedies for specific health concerns. Read this list to find out different facts about essentials oils and their benefits… Click to read more

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