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1. Essential Oils for Thyroid

There are four major kinds of thyroid issues, and luckily, there are essential oils for your thyroid that may help manage this health concern. The thyroid gland is the part of the body responsible for secreting hormones that regulate metabolism. Issues in this gland affect basic bodily functions such as weight, muscular strength, breathing, and moods. If you?re suffering from a thyroid disorder, this post features some essential oils for thyroid balance and symptom management… Click to read more

2. Is Peppermint Oil Pest Control Effective?

Is it possible to eliminate pests using essential oils? Can you imagine using peppermint to get rid of cockroaches and other insects? Peppermint oil is known to help with allergies, arthritis, and acne, but South Bend Tribune explores the household value of this essential oil, particularly when it comes to getting rid of creepy crawlies and disease-carrying critters. Check this article for some practical pest management tips… Click to read more

3. Asafoetida Oil: Its Composition & Top Health Benefits

Asafoetida oil may not be on your shelf yet, but after reading this article you will understand why you need to have a bottle! This essential oil is a staple in Indian cuisine and is known for a pungent aroma you won?t easily forget. Despite that, what makes Asofoetida so special, and how useful is it exactly? Let?s find out… Click to read more

4. Using a Humidifier The Right Way

Although summer temperatures are climbing across the country, it?s never too early to prepare for winter and the cold, dry air that comes with it. Many health problems can accompany the arrival of winter winds and cold, crisp days, such as winter sinuses, a stuffy nose, and even headaches and fatigue that come from thick and stuffy mucus passages. Air dryness can easily be addressed and fixed by using a?humidifier, which can be a wonderful addition to any home in the dry and cold seasons… Click to read more

5. Best Essential Oils for Gardening

These best essential oils for gardening are your new best friends if home gardening is your favorite weekend pastime. This essential oils guide is definitely useful while tending your garden every day or every week. From getting rid of pests and killing fungus, to taking care of sunburned skin, it?s all here. The best part of it is these essential oils serve a dual purpose, you can use it for your garden and you can use for your health needs, too… Click to read more

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