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1. Top 7 Mini Dehumidifiers For 2017 | Life Beyond Organic

Mini dehumidifiers are a great way to protect yourself and your family from allergies. If you?re looking for a suitable mini dehumidifier for your family you came to the right place! Below we?ll list out some of the best effective yet subtle dehumidifiers read through and find the right one for you and your home… Click to read more

2. 5 Dimplex Dehumidifiers Recalled As Fire Hazards

Owners of some models of Dimplex dehumidifiers may have some cause for alarm resulting from a product recall by the company. Recently, the company encountered some trouble with 5 of their dehumidifier models. After discovering one of its components it was prone to overheating which can cause them to catch fire, the company decided to recover all affected products, according to a report from Which UK… Click to read more

3. 7 Effective Essential Oil Uses

These essential oils uses are all you?ll need to effectively and efficiently use your favorite essential oils. They are essentially (pardon the pun), oil extracts from plants that, once distilled, contain the fragrance of the source plant. There are many ways in which you could benefit from using essential oils. Read these essential oils uses and discover how they may help you live your best life! Click to read more

4. How To Make Patchouli Oil? | A Life Beyond Organic Guide

You can learn how to make patchouli oil and never have to buy it from stores again! This simple process to make your own homemade patchouli oil will also let you mix the oil with other essential oils. Keep reading to learn how to turn patchouli leaves into your new favorite essential oil! Click to read more

5. 7 Essential Oils for Headaches

The use of essential oils for headaches has been a practice since ancient times. This is because they are considered an effective and safe treatment in solving headaches, rather than just a temporary relief. There are also no notable side effects in using essential oils for migraine headaches. Here are seven commonly used essential oils for headaches… Click to read more

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