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1. 11 Amazing Bay Essential Oil Benefits | Life Beyond Organic

Bay essential oil is from the Bay tree, a plant native to the Caribbean region. Use of this essential oil has had a long history ? it has popped up in ancient Roman and Hellenic medicine, culture, and religion. Its?extract is from the Laurus nobilis and it’s chock-full of benefits. Read about its amazing benefits here and see how essential oils may help you live your best life! Click to read more

2. Home Dehumidifier: Does Size Matter?

An important consideration to have when buying a home dehumidifier is its size. Is a large room dehumidifier enough to remove the excess moisture in your common room? Will a small room dehumidifier keep harmful mold and mildew from the nursery? Do keep in mind that there?s no standard room, and knowing your living space?s dimensions and humidity levels are key to your dehumidifier?s effectiveness… Click to read more

3. What Is Patchouli Oil? | Life Beyond Organic

If you?ve ever wondered what is patchouli oil, then it?s time to know more about the plant where it came from. This essential oil comes from the patchouli plant and has been historically used for its medicinal properties and base for fragrances. Find out more about patchouli oil and where it comes from!?Click to read more

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