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1. 7 Essential Oils For Pain | Life Beyond Organic

Using essential oils for pain relief is a centuries-old practice. There are many uses for essential oils, but pain relief is one of its greatest properties. Owing to its natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, essential oils may do your body some good. Take a look at the 7 best essential oils for pain, and start living naturally today! Click to read more

2. Mesothelioma Treatment: Using Essential Oils To Help Ease Side Effects

There’s a trend right now where patients are looking towards essential oils as an alternative form of mesothelioma treatment to help side effects. Most traditional medicine for mesothelioma has some downsides, so it?s no wonder that new treatments for mesothelioma are being sought after, but the question is whether essential oils are proven to be effective against mesothelioma. Click to read more

3. Personal Humidifier: Top 7 Choices

If you have ever felt like the air-conditioning is too much at the office or the air is too stale in your hotel room, then you need a personal humidifier. Humidifiers are appliances that regulate the air within a particular area by generating a mist or steam. Personal humidifiers are the same device sold in a more compact and portable version. Here are some of the top personal humidifier units. Click to read more

4. 7 Aromatherapy Benefits You Need To Know

It is no secret that there are many aromatherapy benefits we may use for our everyday comfort. Essential oils have become a part of many therapeutic centers, yoga studios, massage centers, and spas. In fact, aromatherapy has been used professionally and domestically for more than 5,000 years now. Read on to know some of the many aromatherapy benefits that may be useful to both you and your family.  Click to read more

5. 11 Amazing Bay Essential Oil Benefits | Life Beyond Organic

Bay essential oil is harvested from the Bay tree, a plant native to the Caribbean region. Use of this essential oil has had a long history. It has popped up in ancient Roman and Hellenic medicine, culture, and religion. It is extracted through the Laurus nobilis, is chock-full of benefits. Read about its amazing benefits here and see how essential oils may help you live your best life! Click to read more


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