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1. Optimizing Animal Health With Essential Oils

Optimizing animal health with essential oils is something that has become a subject of scientific study. That being said, Kansas State University professors have recently conducted a study exploring the effectiveness of a variety of essential oils in deterring the growth of the bacterium strain: Fusobacterium necrophorum. Read all about it in this article by the Wisconsin State Farmer… Click to read more

2. 7 Essential Oils for Headaches

The use of essential oils for headaches has been a practiced since ancient times. This is because they are considered an effective and safe treatment for solving headaches, rather than just a temporary relief. There are also no notable side effects in using essential oils for headache relief… Click to read more

3. 9 Essential Oil Recipes For Your Diffuser

It can be daunting to find the right essential oil recipes online you need for a particular situation. The most useful ones are those that use a combination of essential oils which complement each other towards your desired effect. Here?s a list of the best essential oils you should try for your diffuser today… Click to read more

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