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1. Mesothelioma Treatment: Using Essential Oils To Help Ease Side Effects

There?s a trend right now where patients are looking towards essential oils as an alternative form of mesothelioma treatment to help side effects. Most traditional medicine for mesothelioma has some downsides, so it?s no wonder that new treatments for mesothelioma are being sought after, but the question is whether essential oils are proven to be effective against mesothelioma. Find out more about what the experts and patients think about essential oils in this article from Mesothelioma Help… Click to read more

2. 11 Bergamot Essential Oil Uses And Benefits

Feature | Bergamot Essential Oil Uses And Benefits

Bergamot essential oil has been a favorite with aromatherapy enthusiasts, thanks to its many wonderful properties. It is not surprising why this natural product is also used in food, drinks, and even perfume. We list the various reasons why you should purchase your very own supply of natural bergamot essential oil for your personal use… Click to read more

3. Organic Pesticides For A Chemical-Free Garden

Feature | Organic Pesticides For A Healthy Garden
Chemical pesticides aren?t the only products you can use to keep insects away from your plants. There are also organic pesticides that work just as well! Some farmers don?t always use chemical pesticides because there are natural pesticides already available. Before these pesticides are even manufactured, households and small farms are already using products from their list of organic pesticides. Find out what homemade organic pesticides you can use for your organic garden… Click to read more

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